iPhone is your most expensive investment and it is important that you maintain it to its full capabilities. Apple is a huge company and it has so much to offer its user. If you are having an apple iPhone, but are not aware of the apps that you must download, then read on further. You are going to get apps for almost every category such as social apps, new apps, business apps, health apps, entertaining apps, finance apps, real estate apps, audio and music and much more. You just have to name it and the company has everything stored in for you in iTunes. Here are few best apps that you must have in your iPhone.

iphone apps

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This app protects your device completely and do not let your personal and important information pass to any other person. This is a popular Agile Bit’s app that you can download from the iTunes. With the use of this app you can secure all your data such as notes and your logins in your devices without worrying about its security. Lots of changes have been made within this app and this makes it even better than before. This is one best app that you must have on your devices.


This app is also available for androids and is a very useful app. This is a place where you can store all your data at one place. Here you can store everything and it is archived. Your content remains in the folders and your PDF documents remain organized in the folders and is available on all the devices. You can also share them live in drop box. Drop box for iOS is great and must to have app I you have huge amount of data.

Google Docs

Like all the other apps such as Google docs and Evernote it is best in its business. With the aid of this app you can easily manage all your documents at one place. This pap lets you manage everything and you can have access to fully arranged documents hen required in the real time. This app is for all those who like to stay managed all the time.


This application is quite new on apple store and has gained huge attention. The automation tool of this application is inspired by automator OS X and this app goes beyond what it promises. There are several easy features that you get with this app and you get plenty of advantages.


This is a social account app that is a supercharged app. This app can automatically fills text selection and titles from safari and also displays the character count so that you can keep all you tweets in a controlled manner. There are several touch ups been made and now you would definitely like to have this app on your iPhone.

These are some of the best iPhone apps that you must have on your devices to make your life much more convenient and easy. You can download it right now.