In the blogging world there is simple meaning, but very complicated jobs. Blogging requires complete attention. With correct analyzing power and skills one can go a very long way in this field. There are several tools as well for bloggers that can help them a lot in the blogging field. You just have to know about these tools.

tools for blogging

Google Analytics

This is a traffic analysis tool which a blogger must have. This tool can also work with a huge variety of platforms. The major task of this tool is to keep an eye on the website traffic from different sections. If you expect a good traffic to your site, then it is important that you analyze it as well. This will help you in tracking down your success.


You might be aware of the search engine algorithms, there is no need to fret content is still the king always remains a king. You should know what type of content works for your blog. Buzzsumo is an intuitive tool that can aid you in determining different aspects regarding the performance of your content on your blog. You can take inspiration from these tools and move further in your field.


It is one of the greatest tools that you can have. If you are the one who has a habit of determine your competitors data for comparison, hen this is an ideal tool for you. You just have to input the URL of your competitor’s website on this tool and you will see all the results from back links to keyword researches and advertising to organic search everything. This way you can have a huge idea about your competitor’s worth and how you can get ahead of him. This way you can build strategies for your campaigns.


As far as blogger is concerned back link analyze is important. Everyone wants to know from where back links comes from. Ahrefs is the only one solution on which you can rely on. It can bring information such as in bound and referral links. Since back links plays a very important role, Ahrefs is the most important tool for the blogger in you.

These are the five must to have tools that you can easily get on the internet. These tools can aid you a lot in the blogging field and the real blogger in you. It is important that you keep on analyzing your success so that you can plan how to maintain it.