You will be amazed to know that textiles are being used in the technology today. Technology presents you with wearable fabrics, bio leathers, and environmentally responsible fabrics. All the advancements have been made with the help of nanotechnology.

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A Mind Blowing Invention

There are so many benefit that humanity can get if the textile industry and technology moves hand in hand. Scientists are doing their part and they have also come up with several inventions. Scientists have used a reversing agent that has healing agents and several other technologies have also employed such as nano particle migration, memory effect, co-deposition, electro hydrodynamics etc.

The Self-Healing Features

There are plenty of other features that our clothes are going to have in future. Now clothes will have self-repairing and self healing technology. This technology might be popular in the textile industry, but it is quite common in metal, ceramics and plastic industry. Increasing the textile life can aid consumers in huge amount of. This technology is also going to raise the business and economy because it is going to be a desirable material. You might have noticed that there is a huge buzz in some of the sectors about the self repairing products. Now you can imagine how much advantageous it is going to be when used in the textile industry.

Your textile will hold many abilities

Now your textiles will have self healing capabilities. It is going to do this automatically and you will always have a new look dress with you always. This is going to be the most promising feature in the textile industry that is going to raise a huge amount of business. This way you are going to have long lasting products. This is a very smart technology used in the textile industry. Your textile will not need too much maintenance now.

The first gear

The innovation of the technology in the textile field has been made many years ago. This was a piece of textile that has healing capabilities. There are little tear and small holes in the textile. This technology was originally been made for fisherman for a work gear that is waterproof. This textile piece is known as a raincoat. We have been using a raincoat for years and this textile has healing capabilities to stay dry. Now several modifications have been made and technology is out with more advanced step in the textile industry with a textile that has healing capabilities.