Amazon does something new this time with the Kindle Voyage. It’s something unconventional for Amazon, as it is known for making budget e-readers. However, the product this time, the Kindle Voyage is comparatively premium in terms of price. Its price starts at about two hundred dollars in the United States. Anyway, the product is now available for pre orders.

Amazon Voyage

Dimension, Display, and Design

Amazon Kindle Voyage is comparatively a trimmed device though. The product is having a thickness of just 7.6 mm, and weighs even below two hundred grams being about twenty grams lesser than the earlier version. This time the lightening pattern has been revamped as well.

The device boasts a glowing glass front. It has a magnesium rear, looking ecstatic. Sporting a nice 6 inches Carta E Ink HD touch screen display, it is having a perfectly concomitant pixel density of 300 ppi. It also goes through the capacitive touch concept getting promoted from the infrared powered touch concept.

For the better safety of the display, it has been provided with the chemically strengthened glass to prevent scratches.


The device has 4 GB storage (can’t be expanded through external slots), and runs through 1 GHz processing unit along a perfectly suitable 1 GB RAM. This time the product has been made a lot intuitive in comparison to all those in history. It has been provided with a nice contrast and sharpness this time making it perfect to go through small letters. You can tweak the light in accordance that makes it flexible in comparison. However, the default pattern seems nice itself. Its ‘Nightlight’ feature slowly minimizes the brightness of display to suit best your eyes.

Enhanced Page Turn, Battery

It has this time a nice arrangement of page turn keys at both parts of the body, called Page Press. The distinguishing part about is its pressure sensitive characteristic. However, it still retains the conventional way of touching the sides to turn pages option. It doesn’t have any AC adapter though. But, I think the USB cable is a much preferred option in comparison.

In terms of battery, the product certainly is comparatively a lot enhanced. Calculated at six weeks in accordance with half an hour of reading a day with making the wireless off, the product is certainly good enough in comparison. On the other hand, it is a fact at the same time that battery has never been an issue for Amazon readers. Hence, battery has never been a crucial point of consideration for the particular product though.

In Addition

Yes, features like Kindle FreeTime and Vocabulary Builder make it too adorable for your kids. This time Amazon has improved its X-Ray specs as well. It has made Goodreads native for you. You can also borrow e-books from your native library.


The new Amazon voyage is certainly in news for its price. It’s true that the product is about double the cost in comparison to its earlier editions.  Still, after going through the features and functionalities, you can never really call the price as disappointing. It is pretty much apparent this time that Amazon is trying to focus the high-end Kindle readers this time those will never mind the price hike.