Starting a blog can be great for making money or boosting traffic to your business website. Whether you sell products and services or simply want to spread information, a blog can be helpful. The issue is that there are millions of blogs on the web, but only a handful of them are being seen and visited by the right audience. Most blogs receive very little traffic if any. This causes a lot of bloggers to abandon ship and either venture on to another blog idea or quit altogether.

If you have a blog that you feel people would want to read, then use the following tips to help drive traffic to your site.

Open a Fan Page On Facebook

If you don’t already have a following on Facebook, open up a fan page for your blog there. This is best if your target audience actually uses this social network regularly. If not, you should open up profiles on the networks that they actually use. Otherwise, Facebook is a great place to start building your brand and persona as a blogger. Use this platform to showcase your blog posts and drive traffic to your site. Engage in conversations using your page profile, so people will see you and potentially go to your page.

Implement an SEO Strategy

If you don’t know what search engine optimization is, then you need to start reading books or hire an agency that’s already well-versed in this area. SEO is critical for getting traffic to your site. It involves incorporating keywords throughout your content and web site. There’s onsite and offsite optimization methods as well, such as link building. An SEO agency can help you with a link building strategy as well.

Reach Out to Influencers

Every industry has influencers with large followings. You can connect with these influencers to help drive some of their traffic to your site. This takes time to do, since this is all about building an authentic relationship with the individual. Don’t make the same mistake as others who reach out to influencers with a generic message they send to everyone. If you do hear back from the influencer, don’t ask for favors right away. Wait until you’ve made three to four interactions before you present a business proposal. And when you do, make sure it’s a win-win situation. Do research about their followers to see what you can offer the influencer that would benefit their followers. For instance, writing a guest post that would cater to their questions and concerns.

Write Consistently

There’s an ongoing debate about how often bloggers should post new content. This all really depends on the topic you’re writing about. If there’s a lot to say, then more frequent posts would be ideal. It’s also good to focus on writing long-form pieces that are well-researched. These tend to get a lot of likes, shares and views. If you had to choose between frequent short posts and less frequent longer posts, then the latter would be best.

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