Even when we talk about incredible rise of social media, fall of traditional ways of communication and a lot of others in terms of change, the fact remains that email is still an efficient way to get in touch with people, especially it’s more or less formal. For instance, if you have some customers who are not active in social media platforms, email is the only way out. Nevertheless, just as you should be when it comes to any other product, choosing an impressive and effective email marketing solution is the first step to follow!

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact

If you have asked experienced professionals, you might have heard about both GetResponse and Constant Contact, which are quite popular when it comes to sending newsletters and much more to your readers, subscribers or customers. Chances are quite high that you are stuck between these two choices; in this post, we have a neutral comparison of GetResponse and Constant Contact, by analyzing features both services offer, so that it will be easier for you to decide. Firstly, we will give you an overview of both of the services and then really compare.



GetResponse isn’t the typical email marketing tool you’d find; but much more than you expect! If you need a multipurpose email marketing solution, with features that help you enhance the reach of your firm or blog or site, GetResponse makes enough sense. GetResponse is often referred to as the simplest way to create and send email newsletters and deal with other email-based communication, for the service comes with a truly intuitive User Interface as well as a wide-enough collection of templates you can use when you need a nice newsletter, landing page or sign-up form for the site. Indeed, there are lots of features in GetResponse that can help you — when you’re a passionate marketer or web-based professional — in a way or other.

Everything you create using GetResponse will be responsive, so that you can serve users equally well even if they are using a mobile device; there is also an option to see the way your email looks in the mail client. In addition, in order to give you perfect results at least in the next email marketing campaign, you can use its A/B Testing feature, which lets you know the best time, words and much more. Also, there is option to set up time-based and action-based auto-responses, as to keep the ball of contact rolling even when you’re away. Another interesting feature we found is Time Travel, allowing the newsletter reach user according to his or her Time Zone.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is indeed a viable competitor to GetResponse, with a lot of features that will be helpful in the long run, as an email marketer. Although several services are available from Constant Contact, we here talk about the email marketing aspect only, which is more or less an adequate option to go for. As the site says, you can create, send and track newsletters and other kinds of emails in a few seconds and assistance will be provided by the expert team from Constant Contact. Although not so rich as GetResponse, Constant Contact is worth going for, considering the major features.

You can find superb features in almost every section — let that be Editing, Sending, Tracking or sharing via social media. For instance, in case of Editing and creation of email messages, you have a huge collection of templates to depend upon. On the other hand, in case of Tracking, there is a fully-fledged dashboard and a lot of integrations that you can add optionally. Thus, we can call Constant Contact an adequate marketing solution with basic capabilities you’d expect.


Both GetResponse and Constant Contact offer plan according to the number of subscribers you have. Both offer free-trial options, too.

In case of GetResponse, you can manage up to 1000 subscribers by paying $15 a month. Going further, you have plans ranging up to $450 for 100000 subscribers. There is no limit in terms of number of emails you’d be able to send, simple as that. The free trial is available for thirty days.

Despite the 60-day free trial, Constant Contact gives you superb pricing plans too! In the email plan, you’ll have the 500-subscriber plan by paying $20 per month, with a custom plan for those who need more.

Our Verdict

Considering all that we have said, GetResponse is the more effective, affordable and dependable solution to keep your newsletters and other kinds of emails, in the simplest way. Some things we loved in the tool are:

  • An ultra-simple process to create superb newsletters and emails
  • Affordable plans, based on number of subscribers we need, accompanied by unlimited mailing
  • Superb features like Time Travel and intuitive Auto-responders

In light of all these, GetResponse is indeed the better option when you need best results from your email marketing campaign. By the way, which service you prefer? We will wait for your comments.