Technology has made giving Christmas gifts faster and easier than ever before.  Not only can we use a computer to order gifts, we can give a computer as a gift.  Tablets, smartphones and other electronic items that are consistently at the top of must-haves lists are easy to find, and you can search for the best price quickly.  Gift giving this year has seen a paradigm shift as online shopping outpaced Black Friday shopping for the first time.  One reporter was so surprised that there were no doors busted, no long lines of sleepy shoppers or craziness in the parking lot that he was visibly seething on camera.   People have become comfortable with online shopping, and now that the genie is out of the bottle, you don’t even have to stand in line to return it.  But to get the maximum out of shopping for those on your list, you should search for ways to save money.  Now, that is as easy as searching Groupon for coupon codes and applying them at checkout.  No wondering from the mall to mall hoping to snag the hot new toy, or finding out the last sweater in his size won’t be in stock in time for you to make your flight.

Black Friday

With online shopping, even buying video games for youngsters, which can be a confusing ordeal, is easier.   Even if you aren’t sure which video game your youngsters want to play, you can get them a gift card for a store like Origin, so they never miss the latest release of their favorite games.  And they can take advantage of all the free downloads and keep up with the latest in gaming accessories to enhance their play.

Just imagine the fun the family will have as they gather for Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukah this year.  You won’t have to worry about leaving the gifts at home when you travel – just ship them ahead and they’ll be there waiting for you.  You won’t have to shop all over town for an item in short supply, the computer will do the searching for you, nor do you have to wait until the store opens.  With 24/7 access online, you can shop when you have the time.  And with Groupon, you’ll save money.