Humans might be having solution for every problem; but, they really don’t have any control to stop problems coming. For example, it takes enough time in adding the crucial programs of you in to the taskbar, and someone very dearer come and changes the entire settings knowingly or unknowingly. Some of your personal stuffs or crucial applications might be put within the taskbar and made locked.

Computer Taskbar

How To Lock It Permanently:

However, as we have mentioned above, there is always a way available for every problem and you are at the right place for the solution. Here we mention the way through which you can lock the taskbar absolutely in Windows 7; hence it can’t be changed by any freaky folk.

You just have to go through some handy steps on this regard to have the taskbar locked permanently.

Locking The Taskbar Absolutely In Windows 7

  • Have a right click on the taskbar and tap at the ‘Lock the taskbar’ available within the menu. It shows that the option within the context menu with a check sign. It ensures that the taskbar is locked.
  • When it comes about unlocking the taskbar, just have a right click over the taskbar, and uncheck the above you ticked from the context menu.
  • Yes, locking or unlocking the taskbar within the computer is not a big deal for someone. Anyway, when it comes about immobilize locking or unlocking absolutely within the Windows, you have to go through the registry tweak as given below.

Locking The Taskbar Permanently Through Windows Registry

On this regard, you have to arrange the taskbar and next take the cursor to any point here. Have a right click, and knock ‘lock the taskbar’ from the context menu.

  • Now go for Win+R from over the keyboard and type ‘regedit’ within ‘Run’.
  • Process through the path given below within the registry editor.


  • After you have navigated through the above path, have a right click at any point within the right panel of registry editor.
  • Have a tap over ‘New’ and go to New>DWORD. It is important to make sure that you have renamed it as ‘LockTaskbar’.
  • Take the cursor and have a double tap. Now, change the earlier value to zero, and provide the new value as one.
  • Now make the registry window closed.

Well, now the taskbar lock feature has been disabled absolutely, so that you can’t bring any changes in to it. Upon having a right click on it shows ‘Lock the taskbar’ option is stationary.

  • So finally, you are presently on the way of putting your personal tools taken to the taskbar, and no one can even get any information on this regard.

Anyway, the feature lets you lock the taskbar for the presently logged-in people. Once someone else channels in to any different account to have access to your device, he/she manages to bring changes in to the taskbar.

It is important to remember that when you want to bring changes in to the taskbar again, simply alter again the value within the registry editor as 1 from zero.