People into SEO and web developing, blogging etc. know how important domain authority is. The higher the amount of your website’s domain authority, the more chance it stands to draw more traffic and generate huge revenue. The popular websites that stays on the top lists of the search engine results are mostly rich in domain authority, and maybe your website is not making it there because you might have barely taken care of your website’s domain authority.

In order to give your domain authority a bump up, a blog owner needs to know what it is and how the maintenance should be going.

Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is more like a standard and it had been developed by Moz. It’s a metric measurement; that determines the chances of a website’s name standing in the SERP. What is SERP? Search Engine Results Page. The abbreviations that look scary don’t always stand for a scary meaning.

However, the metric is measured in logarithmic values. Over an interval of 0-100 the measurement is calculated, and one change in the value actually means some multiple times because it is a logarithmic value. The judgment criteria for the metric measurement are –

  • How popular a website is.
  • How long the domain has been around, its age.
  • Basic SEO ratings of the website, both on and off page.
  • How user friendly the website is, and amount of traffic.
  • How well it links the root domains to the web site.

These are the basic scales of domain authority calculation.

How Do You Improve Your Domain Authority?

In order to higher the domain authority rankings, the first two steps should be immediately done – getting rid of bad backlinks and get the good ones as fast as possible. The website reputation would be greatly hurt with bad links, and they should not be used for SEO practice in the first place. If the harm has already been done, they should be removed before your website almost completely loses the authority.

So how does someone get good links to their websites? Either by implementing costly yet better link building techniques; or by using some grey matter and building some quality contents. It is all about the content market now and even when it comes to SEO, the content quality has to be good.

More elaborately, make sure you do these to uplift your domain authority.

Technical SEO Should Be Effective

SEO as we know it should be effective on a website. Typical SEO might be tad bit outdated, but trust us it is still the thing you would need when you want to draw people to your website. Modifying the robots.txt still works like a charm! To do these modifications on your website, you actually need to know how to do the SEO optimization on a website. Domain Authority improvement might follow by.

Create Linkable Content

Stop forcing other people to link your contents to their websites. Instead, create quality contents so that people find it worthwhile to link your content in their websites. The contents must earn their own value. However, you may also want to consider copyrighting all your creative contents on your website. If there’s any theft case, you can claim your ownership and even compensation if required.

Get Rid of Toxic Backlinks On a Regular Basis

There would be worthless backlinks to your website, look out for those. Having plenty of those will not raise your goodwill to any extent; rather they will put your website down. Having few top quality backlinks is so much better than having hundreds of worthless backlinks.

Patience is The Key

Even after you do all these, no website earns a respectable domain authority overnight. There might be a waiting period of weeks or months and you will see signs of improvement. While the stats are improving make sure you are keeping up your effort to make the DA rankings even better. Have the patience and it will surely get you back what you deserve.


Increasing domain authority is not easy yet it is not impossible either. You need to know the procedures and practice them. It’s not an overnight tweaking process so give the whole thing some time. Your hard work will pay off.