Solitaire has a long history both on and off the computer. The game has many benefits including sharpening the mind and protecting against age related mental diseases. While the game has changed over time, the original version still remains a favorite among many. Now, you can get quick, clear, concise, classic Solitaire from the comfort of your phone. Here is a bit more about the evolution of solitaire and a few reasons to download the best Android Solitaire app, or the best iTunes Solitaire app, depending on your mobile device.

A Bit of History: Solitaire was first mentioned during the late 18th century in a German book of games and quickly gained popularity. The game was called “Patience” in Britain, “Success” in France, and “Kabal” in Poland. Solitaire gained popularity during the 19th and 20th centuries with hundreds of books published describing thousands of versions of the game. Once computers became popular, the game was introduced and quickly became a staple.

Benefits of Playing: It is well known that solving puzzles, or playing games that require thought and concentration can sharpen the mind and help with problem solving skills. While games like Sudoku have become a trend for mathematical puzzles, Solitaire offers a broader mind exercise. In addition to better problem-solving skills, playing games that engage your mind can help combat diseases such as Alzheimers.

Much to Enjoy: The game comes with daily puzzles, variety of themes and an option to interact with players throughout the world. The game can deal the same hand to yourself and a player of your choice and the challenge entails solving the game before your “opponent”.

With a mobile download option, you can now enjoy MobilityWare Solitaire anywhere you go- whether it be at home or in line at the grocery store. The game will also track your points and progress so you are sure to never be bored.