Businesses of all kinds have seen a sharp increase in a number of customers who choose credit or debit as their method of payment. A cashless trend has evolved due to the increase in handheld devices used for new payment options. These options involve a smartphone or tablet credit card reader. Unlike hard-wired, bulky card readers, a wireless credit and debit machine is small and lightweight and able to process payments at any location.

Portable Card Readers

A portable credit card machine allows business owners to get the most out of their business by providing the following benefits:

Growth of Customer Base

Accepting cash, credit or debit cards for a payment method allows your customers to have a greater choice and leaves no limits on ways your company receives payments. Furthermore, this indicates to existing customers that you value their business by offering them increased flexibility and convenience.

Collect Funds Quickly

As a business owner, you understand how frustrating it is to receive a bounced check. With a portable card reader, payment transactions are posted fast, allowing a company to receive funds quick and no longer worry if payments are good. Once the transaction is finished, simply email or text a receipt to the customer from your smartphone or tablet.

Easy and Affordable

After purchasing a portable card reader from Clover, easily sign up for merchant services to start processing payments. By expanding your payment methods, the cost for the mobile card reader and transaction fees will pay for itself in hardly any time and typically is less expensive than in-office terminals.

Portable card readers allow business owners to accept a wide range of payment methods and can benefit almost any industry, including plumbers, electricians, landscape contractors, HVAC technicians, beauticians, and much more.