If you are using the VLC Media Player, then it is a good chance. But VLC is not only a media player, it is an entire Swiss Army Knife for online music and videos, equipped with fun and useful features you have not explored still. If a user is only making use of VLC to play back local media files, then he or she is only making use of a small fraction of capabilities of VLC. Other than this, you can perform a lot of other things with VLC, be it windows, Linux or Mac. See below mentioned features of VLC you can use:

vlc media player

Conversion Of Media Files

This media player has the capability of converting media files between any types of supportable formats. You mist make use of this to create a small video for your mobiles, change the media from an unsupported format to the supported one. You can also use this feature to extract the audio from any of the preferred videos and also save it in the form of an individual file.

For this, you need to click on the Media Menu and choose Convert/Save. You need to load the want you wish to convert. And then click on the Convert/save button and choose the type of file you are interested for converting it to.

Record Your Desktop

This media player can load the desktop in the form of an input device. From the context, it means that you can make use of the Convert/save feature for saving a video of the desktop. It turns the VLC into screen capture software. You might also utilize this in concert along with the Stream feature for broadcasting a live stream of the desktop across the internet or network with no extra software needed.

Watch The Videos On Youtube

If you want to play a video on YouTube out of the web browser, then you can use the VLC media player to complete this task. For this, you need to browse to a YouTube video and copy its complete URL. Then, you have to click on the Media Menu in the media player, choose Open Network Stream. Once you are done with this, paste the URL of the YouTube video into the box. The media player will load the YouTube video and play in the VLC window on the desktop.

Listen To The Internet Radio

Before Spotify and Pandora, there were streaming radio stations on the web. In previous times, the online users primarily use these radio stations from within the Winamp, but the users live on. Within the VLC, you can see a searchable directory of radio stations. All you need to do is to open the list and choose Icecast Radio directory. You can make a search for the type of music you are interested to listening or browsing the list of streaming radio stations completely free of cost. The VLC can also stream the internet radio stations online that are not available in the directory.

These are some hidden features of VLC you can use to get the most out of this media player.