Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the market today. It is the OS of choice for many a laptops, tablets, and of course, Smartphones. Although the platform is not yet at par with the other OS like Android and Apple when it comes to the number of apps it provides, there are quite a few apps of productivity that every Windows user absolutely must have. Listed below are the top Windows productivity apps of the current year:-

productivity apps

  • Evernote

Saving notes, be it for personal or work purposes, is something that we do regularly. With changing times, our notepads have transformed from a pen and paper to a touch screen with a stylus. Evernote is one app that allows the user to take down notes, to-do lists, scribbles etc. and share them with others or sync it with their other devices for quick and easy access without any hassles.

  • Freecharge

With people leading a very busy life, one may not always have the time to recharge their mobile phones, or pay their utility bills. Here comes in the service provided by apps like Freecharge that allows the user to carry out such transaction online or through the app. What’s more is that the user can simply use the freecharge cash wallet to make the necessary payments.

  • Adobe Reader

A .pdf file is the format of choice when passing along any documents. Thus, it becomes important to have a PDF reader installed in the phone so that the user can view, edit, convert, and share the files with others conveniently. You can directly open the files from the email attachment.

  • Office 365

Which Windows user does not swear by their MS Office Suite? Be it Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, the Office 365 includes every form of work platform that the user may need. It even integrates OneDrive for easy cloud storage and access.

  • mSecure

With everyone now practically living in a virtual space, we have many online IDs for various purposes. It may become difficult to remember the login IDs and passwords. Writing all this information and sticking it on the refrigerator may not be the best idea and hence we have mSecure. It is a password manager with 256-bit encryption that offers features like auto-locking, password generator, and a self-destruct feature for too many incorrect guesses.

  • My Expenses

Keeping a track of your daily, monthly, or even yearly incomes and expenditures is now easy with this Windows app. It allows multiple accounts and categorizing each type of expense. It also keeps track of any recurring expenses so that the user needn’t add that piece of information time and again. It is quite a handy app for everyone, from a student to a businessman.

These apps and many more together help the user to save precious time and energy which would’ve otherwise been wasted in completing tedious tasks. Productivity is the key to any successful endeavour and these Windows apps understand that better than anyone.