Often regarded as one of the easiest ways to make decent money, affiliate marketing has been one of the most sought after methods by many to make quick bucks. The popularity is such that even companies have started their own affiliate marketing networks to market their products. That said, nothing comes easy in life, not even affiliate marketing. You need to put in extra efforts to make your affiliate marketing work. There are many WordPress affiliate Plugin available in the market that makes it easy to promote and advertise your affiliate product.  This article will give you a list of top WordPress affiliate Plugin that you should use to generate decent revenue.

Affiliate Marketing is a very simple business. But there are many users who own a good website or a blog but don’t know how to market it. For them, these WordPress affiliate Plugin will be very useful.

WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Top WordPress Affiliate Plugin

1. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is the first WordPress affiliate Plugin that we would recommend to every affiliate marketers as it allows you to easily manage your affiliate links inside your blog or a website. It is free for download and use and you just need to pay for add-ons. The plug-in lets you insert links into your blog, handle link cloaking and product customization.

Features of the Plug-in are:-

Shortens and cloaks your affiliate links automatically.

Has inbuilt tool to select the correct affiliate link.

Lets you add all kinds of media files to your affiliate links.

It doesn’t create any unnecessary bloating.

2. Affiliates Manager

Also known as the Associates Manager Header. If you wish to run your own affiliate program then you can opt for Affiliates Manager. This small WordPress affiliate plugin is capable of handling everything from recruitment to payouts.

Features of the Plug-in are:-

Inbuilt support for WP ecommerce, WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange etc.

Lets you add unlimited number of affiliates.

Deep tracking of impressions of affiliate links.

Automate payments to affiliates through PayPal.

3. Simple Affiliate Links

This plug-in provides a simple solution to manage your affiliate links. It is aimed for users who look for simple tools and affiliate Plugins.  Some features like split testing for links, geo targeting links and broken link checker will soon be added in this type of affiliate plug-in.

Highlights of this plug-in:-

Lets you cloak your affiliate links using short links.

Easy link management using custom categories.

Allows you to track monthly and lifetime clicks for all your affiliates.

4. Affiliates

This one is a solid affiliate platform. It helps you to set up and manage day to day aspects of your affiliate program that too from within WordPress.

Highlights of this plug-in:-

Best integration with WP e-commerce, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and eShop.

Day to day reports of the performance of all your affiliates.

Allows unlimited number of affiliates.

Provides API for easy integration with various ecommerce platforms.

5. WordPress Affiliate and Referral Plug-in

It is one of the premium solutions for managing affiliate programs. Also lets you to monitor your operation any given time using an integrated Android app.

Highlights of this plug-in:-

Lets you keep a track and monitor the affiliate performance using dedicated Android app.

PayPal MassPay option for handling affiliate payments.

Lets you share your affiliate links via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Supports WooCommerce, WP e-commerce and many other e-commerce plug-ins.

6. Pretty Link Lite

It is not categorized as a solution for affiliate programs but it offers a strong set of tools that help handling the affiliate links.

Highlights: –

Lets you create simple and short URLs for 301 and 307 redirections.

Creates unique slugs for your affiliate links automatically.

Tracking of clicks and impressions for all your links.

Lets you send affiliate links via email directly from WordPress interface.

7. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plug-in

This WordPress affiliate plugin is a premium plug-in customized only for those willing to monetize through Amazon’s affiliate scheme. It offers a dynamic and rich variety of features which makes it stand out from other plug-ins in the industry.

Key Highlights: –

The features include a content spinner tool that automatically spins the product details of linked Amazon products to make you unique from other affiliate marketers and get better SEO results.

Lets you check daily performance for individual Amazon products.

Using the “Amazon Search & Bulk Import Module” you can import Amazon products and integrate them on your website.

8. Amazon Link

This plug-in is a very useful tool to include your Amazon affiliate links within your own WordPress posts. All the links include unique Amazon affiliate ID to make it easier to track sales.

Highlights of the plug-in: –

Compatible with Amazon UK, US, China, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, India, Italy, Canada and Spain.

Translates product information as per on reader’s geographic location.

Caching of product details to give improved loading speed.

The powerful search function lets you easily locate and add product links to your posts.


We have summed up the main WordPress affiliate plugin that will work best for you. All the above plug-ins does a decent job of managing your affiliate links. But the choice totally depends on the area of affiliate marketing that you are interested in. It also depends on the choice of your affiliate products and your target audience. Signing up for an affiliate network is an easy process but you need to work a lot on the content and market your product with strategic planning.